Vernus IT Solutions is a leading systems integrator providing best in class contact centre hardware and software solutions. Our solutions create value for our clients by ensuring contact centre teams have the right technology and processes to deliver excellent communications supported by access to information and resources.

Our cost-effective contact centre solutions are designed to enable teams to provide on time customer service and achieve greater levels of customer satisfaction. We fully recognise our client’s requirement to understand their customer needs and continually tailor their service to fulfil these needs.

Today’s contact service team must be skilled and equipped to respond to customer contact by phone, email, text or social media. It is all about gathering intelligence from customer interactions across all channels and use it to guide business planning, scheduling, management, recording, coaching, eLearning and analytics.

A major increasing demand is to address interactions on social media platforms. Our solutions enable you to ensure that your customers receive consistent, informed responses to communications in the social space. You will have the ability to push content and measure the effectiveness of shared information. Our intelligent social media software will also help filtering to highlight posts that matter most.

Strong back office software coupled with secure and robust systems are a critical part of your customer service experience. To support this, our AMC services providing planned preventative maintenance programmes ensure business disruption or downtime is minimised and full technical support is available at all times.

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