Document management contributes decisively to a company’s performance and reflects the efficiency of its internal organisation.

The existence of large amounts of information to process increases the likelihood of lost or misfiled documents. Large volumes of paper documents take up a lot consume valuable storage space and creates difficulty in quickly locating, accessing and controlling key documents causing problems with the flow of information.

Implementing a work flow and document management system (DMS) is a decisive factor to boost your business.

Filedoc is an integrated document management and workflow application which embodies the functionality of archiving, life cycle management and assignment of documents by process this enabling dematerialisation of business processes, information flow and decision making.

Our DMS solution enables you to manage all information in accordance with the following concepts:

Dematerialisation – digitising paper documents into electronic documents that can be classified and sorted to specific criteria.

Standardisation of processes and procedures enables a client’s documents to be standardised and classified to type and source.

Indexing – labelling and classification of electronic documents provides the benefit of an integrated information management system of electronic archives.

Workflow – Defines the stages a document goes through from origination, approval, distribution, and filing enabling control over the flow of information.

Search – A browser able to perform document search by content, document type or attributes this permitting traceability and availability of documents efficiently.

Cost reduction as a result of increased productivity and time savings from searching, forwarding and managing documents, plus costs reduced through a reduction of photocopying and storage

Implementing Filedoc constitutes an opportunity to review all your internal document management procedures with the support of an integrated, flexible and technologically advance system.

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