Boost your results – carefully manage the relationship from your very first contact to earning your customers’ trust. Be their supplier of choice with the support of PRIMAVERA solutions for the Sales Force.


  • CRM
  • Mobile Sales
  • Mobile Business

Stop missing business opportunities! Communicate with your prosopects and customers at the right time when they are ready to buy your products and services. Convert your customers' insights into a competitive advantage that will put you ahead of your rivals.

Primavera CRM makes it easier to turn initial contacts into genuine business opportunities. A number of automatic functions and a simple organisation of your schedule help you generate more sales leads and make the most of your opportunities.

Primavera CRM helps you to organise and manage your information and sales leads, plan commercial campaigns and seize opportunities, promote the competitiveness of your commercial team and control your business portfolio.

Primavera CRM is also accessible online to help you be proactive to you prospect and customer’s needs, respond quickly and effectively. With this solution you stand a much better chance of securing business deals and customer loyalty, through competitive commercial teams who strive to rapidly achieve their goals.

Feed the sales cycle, from initial prospecting to securing customer loyalty. Take a look at these eight extra benefits your business will get from this solution:

  • Simple and practical management customer and prospect information and contacts
  • Streamlined planning of commercial activity
  • Speed and flexibility in creating proposals
  • Comprehensive handling of sales leads and business prospects
  • Optimisation of Sales Opportunities
  • A motivated, dynamic and competitive commercial team
  • Cloud based monitoring of business portfolio
  • Simplified management of the sales cycle

Do away with slow administrative operations now and see an end to limits on productivity and delays in filling your customers' orders. Now, your commercial team has no further need for traditional catalogues that quickly become out-of-date and worn. And orders scribbled on scraps of paper to be input into the system back at the office at the end of the day are a thing of the past.

With Mobile Sales, you get better efficiency, more productive teams and an increase in your business's overall profits. A dynamic catalogue that is easy to update and just as easy to use gives your commercial teams unprecedented flexibility. All they need is an Android tablet and an internet connection and they can rapidly access the solution, show the customer the product portfolio and register orders at any time and from anywhere.

In sectors such as Fashion, Retail, the Automotive Industry, Jewellery, Machinery and other B2B business areas with large product ranges and multiple models, Mobile Sales is the perfect way to streamline your activity and keep pace with the market's current dynamics.

  • Enhances your product portfolio with a modern, appealing and functional catalogue
  • Register orders anywhere, with immediate integration in the ERP
  • Reduces response time on customers' orders
  • Gets you the best possible return on your commercial team's efforts
  • Optimises your organisation's sales performance and overall

Boost the results of your Sales Force in the field by simplifying everything that does not add value. Let your commercial team put all its energy into making more sales.

PRIMAVERA Mobile Business places information from the back office in the hands of your commercial team, no matter where they may be. Using a PDA, the commercial team can access all the data and documents needed to quickly close a deal. Everything is taken care of on the spot. No time wasted. Plus, it’s easy to monitor the activity taking place in the field.

Discover for yourself the solution that energises your sales force in the field:

  • Simple to use, easy to learn
  • Flexibility in planning visits
  • Elimination of time-consuming administrative tasks
  • Speed in creating sales documents
  • Ease of monitoring the activity of pre-sales and automated sales teams

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